[Note: english is not my mother tongue]

We have everything we need inside. The more I see and the more I travel, the more it seems clear to me.

It is true that there are many interesting places, that offer us their sights, statues, monuments and famous buildings. But, the more I see of them, the more I realize that they wake up things inside me that I can experiment without all of that.

If the place doesn’t atract you for a powerful reason, I think that traveling is a loss of time and money. If traveling is done as an escape of tedium, you really don’t need great distances, maybe just a new place and the correct attitude.

Nevertheless, I think we lure ourselves. When we are in another place, it seems that we want us believe that they are more special and interesting that they really are. Frases like: “I have been in Helsinki”, “I have been in Oslo”, what do they say in reality? If you don’t name them, a fog grasps them… Could it be that we travel because of vanity? There is something in me that tells me with alertness, that the impressions that those places leave in me are shadows of what I can create by my own.

If you want to travel, all that you really need is to open your eyes with fresh and inquisitive attitude towards your environment. Explore your neighbourhood, your city, your province with that attitude. But if you really want to travel, explore yourself.

Maybe traveling is something necessary. Something necessary to realize how futile it is. To realize that when we travel we are trying to deepen in ourselves.

Or maybe it’s completely the opposite… maybe we travel to escape from us, from our old “me”, with all its circumstances, trapped in some mouldy place in wich people treat you, with the passing years, in the way concording to the created image that their minds have suposed you are. Powerful influence that sows your ego with spiderwebs if you are not wary.

Maybe then to travel is a form of nihilism, of destroying oneself, of reinventing yourself, of freeing yourself of the person that they believe you are and of being the person you really want to be, that you really feel is the right “you”.



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